About Us

Greenyard Fresh UK (formerly UNIVEG UK) is a specialist importer, ripener and pre-packer of tropical, citrus and deciduous fruits.

The Company boasts a team of individuals well recognised within the industry. This, combined with state-of-the-art ripening and packing facilities, allows us to provide solutions from sourcing and importation through to bespoke packing and distribution.

Because of our worldwide farming partnerships, we are in a strong position to provide commitment to quality, sizes and volumes of fruit and to deliver it safely with full recorded Due Diligence.

We support our growers through regular visits, exchanging market information, technical or legislative updates and cross-technology opportunities.

Building an understanding of our customers’ needs ensures that we deliver the correct product to the correct location in a timely fashion.

We constantly monitor each of our products’ performance in the the market both qualitatively and quantitatively to ensure that we are continuing to hit the target.

Sharing this information with our growers and customers helps us make informed decisions as to how the market will evolve.

At Greenyard Fresh UK (formerly UNIVEG UK) we adapt our business to more fully meet the demands of the market, ahead of time.

Our Mission

We are committed to grow consumption of fruits and vegetables for a healthy future, by partnering with the best partners in the chain from fork to field to meet consumer needs – creating value for all