Growers Videos

UNIVEG SourcingUNIVEG Katopé France (Lychee)

Take a look at our latest video and learn about the growing and harvesting of Lychee on the exotic island of Madagascar.

Alara (Figs)

UNIVEG group partner Alara are the largest fig exporter in the world; renowned for the best quality ‘Black Bursa’ figs, which are grown in the orchards of northwest Turkey. Alara’s latest video gives a fascinating insight into their fig harvesting, processing and packing operations.

Seald Sweet USA (Citrus)

Take a tour through the orchards of sunny Florida with one of Seald Sweet’s leading citrus growers.

UNIVEG South Africa (Apples)

Take an aerial tour of the Verlorenvlei Farm in the Western Cape of South Africa. Experience the workings of the farm and how UNIVEG has helped revitalise the farm through the establishment of sustainability projects and training programmes for the local workforce.

Alara (Cherries)

This excellent video helps you experience the journey taken by cherries grown by UNIVEG group member, Alara, from the Turkish orchards to the supermarket shelves. Follow the cherries through various processes that ensure premium quality & guaranteed food safety.