Life at Greenyard

Sue Thom

Purchase Ledger Clerk
Sue Thom

“I like the supportive atmosphere within our company a lot.”

Sue works in the accounts office and processes all of the supplier invoices. “I joined the company in January 1995, and I’ve worked in various positions on the Purchase Ledger side of the accounts office. I particularly enjoy sending the payments to the suppliers – the biggest challenge is making timely payments, and of course everything needs to be absolutely accurate. We need to process a large number of invoices quickly and smoothly every day.”

Sue quite enjoys the fact that the employees are left to their own initiative to develop their job as they see fit. “I work with a very good team so there’s always a helping hand or assistance if I need it. Even though the company has grown a great deal, it has maintained a very supportive atmosphere. There are five of us in this office, and it’s a bit like a family environment within the company – I’ve made many friends over the years.”

“We also have plenty of opportunities to develop our skills. At the moment, I’m learning a lot more about Excel spreadsheets through internal training. I’ve had training at various times over the years, whenever I’ve needed to learn something new. We work in a fast-moving environment, and I believe you need to keep learning and move with the times. We also have the chance to taste the fruit that the company is processing, which continues our learning about our products. I really enjoy coming to work!”