Movement to Work Scheme

The HR team at UNIVEG UK worked collaboratively with the local Job Centre and a local training company to create a short but detailed and worthwhile scheme to give unemployed people the experience of working within a business environment. The ultimate aim was to give them the skills and experience they needed to get back to work in the future.

The scheme was open to a small number of candidates who were specially selected by the job centre and the UNIVEG HR team. After spending a week with the training company the candidates came to UNIVEG UK for a three-week period, being placed into different departments of the company; these were engineering, packhouse, HR and Marketing. The scheme ran between the end of September and mid-October 2016.

Working through a pre-prepared schedule created by the respective area managers, the candidates gained work place experience, they also participated in a mock job interview during their last week. Regular meetings were held with the HR department to monitor progress. Each candidate was presented with a certificate at the conclusion of their placement.

The ‘Movement to Work Scheme’ was a resounding success with plans to develop the scheme further in 2017.


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