UNIVEG Katopé UK Sponsorship to help Communities

react_certUNIVEG UK is amongst many proud sponsors of the REACT initiative. REACT is an educational scheme established to help raise awareness of issues relating to drug use, crime prevention, road safety and community safety.

The UNIVEG UK sponsorship helps to fund school visits for police officers. The officer’s interaction with the children is essential in getting the key messages of the REACT scheme across to the younger generation. The message against drug use is particularly important due to the other crimes and social problems it can lead to.

The costs to the country of drug abuse, anti-social behaviour, violence and crime are immense, running into billions of pounds. REACT aims to help reduce the rise in these undesirable trends and the resulting costs by effectively trying to solve the problem at a grass-roots level.

The REACT initiative is a national scheme that is distributed regionally in the form of a printed journal. Currently it is sent to educational groups, public awareness groups and other support groups to the emergency services. It is also sent directly to individual police forces, ambulance services, and fire services for distribution in local areas.

There is a certificate in the UNIVEG UK boardroom confirming our commitment to the REACT scheme.

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