UNIVEG UK involved in Global Charity Run

Colleagues from UNIVEG UK took part in the ‘Wings for Life World Run’ which was held in 35 countries across 6 continents on 3rd May 2015. The event was held to raise money for medical research into a cure for spinal cord injury, all of the participant’s entry fees went directly towards the not-for-profit organisation.

The UK ‘Wings for Life Run’ was held in and around the famous Silverstone motor racing circuit. The run was unique in that there was no traditional finish line, and therefore no fixed distance. Instead, half an hour after the runners had set off a ‘catcher car’ began to follow, starting slowly at first, gradually speeding up as the distance increased. As soon as the car overtook the runners their race was over. This format of run enabled anyone to take part, running at their own pace and running a distance that was within their own ability.

Colleagues from UNIVEG companies in Belgium, Italy, USA, Croatia, and the Netherlands also took part in the event which raised around €4.2 million worldwide.

L-R: Tim Brill, Andrew Fulcher, Mark Spurdens, Karen Spurdens

L-R: Tim Brill, Andrew Fulcher, Mark Spurdens, Karen Spurdens

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