UNIVEG UK’s Unique Fruit Waste Solution

kev_and_parrotsUNIVEG UK is delighted to promote one of the most unique ways of reducing food waste ~ by providing a local zoo with waste fruit. During the summer, the Parrot Zoo near Boston, Lincolnshire collects waste stone fruit from UNIVEG UK to feed its parrots. There are over 100 species of parrots at the zoo and UNIVEG provides up to a tonne of fruit a week to help feed them all! The project was initially set up by our colleague Kevin Hodgson who has built up a great relationship with the team at the zoo.

The zoo is a local tourist attraction attracting visitors from around the country. As well as the parrots there are meerkats, birds and a wide array of reptiles and other mammals. For more information please visit http://parrotzoo.com

This is a fantastic project which reduces food waste, collectively supports local businesses and reduces costs associated with landfill and transport.

UNIVEG UK is continually committed to sustainability and reducing the impact our operations have on the environment. We strive to explore all possibilities to achieve these aims.

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