Golf Ball Sized Apples

Tiddly Pomme® Arrives – Naturally Tiny, Perfectly Sweet

TP-Size-PhotoUNIVEG UK Top Fruit division, Empire World Trade (EWT) is once again proud to market the World’s smallest apple ‘Tiddly Pomme®’ to the UK market. These naturally miniature apples are roughly the size of a golf ball, ranging in size from 40-50mm. What they lack in size they make up for in their sweet flavour and crisp eat, ideal for snacking.

The brand name ‘Tiddly Pomme®’ was chosen through a national Facebook campaign. With over 7000 entrants, Tiddly Pomme® was chosen and inspired from the classic Winnie the Pooh rhyme.

Tiddly Pomme® is an innovation by mother nature – it was discovered by chance during a routine walk in the Hawkes Bay region of New Zealand. One tree was observed to be consistently producing a naturally miniature fruit on one branch. This branch was then isolated and grafted to produce a tiny tree, full of tiny fruit. Developments continue with this brand targeted at the growing health and convenience sector with trials of UK production to complement the existing New Zealand production.

In 2014 Tiddly Pomme® will be sold by 2 leading UK retailers targeting the growing convenience health sector, following on from the exclusive launch in 2013.

A big future for the tiny apple is anticipated by all.

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