New Website is a First

The National Dahlia Collection (NDC) are proud to announce the re-launch during October 2015 of their website, giving it a fresh, modern look, whilst maintaining the clarity and ease of use already enjoyed by its customers.

The new ‘National Dahlia Collection’ website is pioneering online development within UNIVEG, as it is the first e-commerce website within the Group, directly selling to the general public. The NDC continues to sell dahlias to a wide variety of commercial clients, including local councils, nurseries and the National Trust as well as thousands of satisfied gardeners and horticulturalists across the UK and Europe. In addition to buying dahlias, the site provides extremely useful information about dahlias, the different varieties, their classification, and growing hints and tips.

To view the new website please visit

Along with the new website, a new logo has been created for the Collection. The new logo will be a key tool in helping to promote the long term enjoyment and future success of Dahlia’s, and the National Dahlia Collection.

The National Dahlia Collection (NDC) is part of Winchester Growers, the World’s Largest Daffodil grower. Winchester Growers in turn is part of UNIVEG UK.


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