Anticipated Start for Turkish Figs

UNIVEG UK has started to receive its first arrivals of Turkish ‘Black Bursa’ figs from UNIVEG group partner and grower Alara. The name Alara is synonymous with figs; they are the world’s largest fig exporter, capable of processing over 100 tons of figs a day, using an optical grader for size and colour.

UNIVEG UK expects to receive over fifty full truck loads of the fruit over the course of the upcoming season.

In the UK, the Turkish fig season is hugely important; around half of the country’s yearly fig sales occur in the short window that the ‘Black Bursa’ is available.

Large and sweet, ‘Black Bursa’ figs are best known for their deep purple/black colour and their large size. They are grown in the idyllic climatic conditions of the ‘Bursa’ region of Northwest Turkey. The ‘Black Bursa’ fig ripens unevenly, taking around 30-40 days to ripen, so a single tree can have its fruit picked several times over the season. All the fig selection and picking is done by hand, this is to best manage and care for the quality of the crop.

Turkish ‘Black Bursa’ figs are normally available from the end of August through to the end of October. UNIVEG UK will initially work with deliveries of airfreighted fruit, with major volumes coming through by road in September; when retailer’s promotional activity will intensify.

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