Founder reacquires control of UNIVEG Group

The UNIVEG Group, Europe’s No 1 supplier of Fresh Produce, today announced that its founder, Hein Deprez, has reacquired control of the Group.

The Deprez Family, together with current management, has partnered with a consortium of European and South African families to acquire 100% of the UNIVEG Group.

Hein Deprez will assume position of Executive Chairman of the Group, Francis Kint will take over the role of Chief Executive Officer, and Koen Sticker that of Chief Financial Officer. All other key management positions remain unchanged.

At the announcement ceremony Hein Deprez thanked the outgoing CEO and CFO Theo de Kool and Davide Bustreo for their accomplishments and went on to comment “The UNIVEG Group remains committed to its long-term growth strategy whilst continuing to refine the quality of both our produce and our services for our customers and suppliers in Europe and throughout the world”.

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