National Dahlia Collection – Relaunch of Website


The National Dahlia Collection is pleased to announce a relaunching of their e-commerce website in July. There are exciting new enhancements to the site at both the front end (customers view), and the back end (administrative view).

Customers now have a very colourful, informative homepage with links now based on tiled images rather than text. The product range has been widened to include tubers (the equivalent to bulbs) and garden ready dahlias, these are of the size that customers can buy from the Collection at the RHS events during the summer. Also new is a daffodil bulbs page, with the products being ‘Growers Pride’ branded. The final new edition to the range is the Amaryllis Belladonna bulb which can be found under the new ‘Shop’ feature on the homepage.

The old management system that held customer details and orders was cumbersome and complicated to operate with many small problems. This system has been replaced with the new improved version that can accommodate all the new lines, as well as being easier and simpler to use.

The overall result is a much-improved site with an improved customer experience. The new site will also give us the capability to imbed sizeable HD videos. We are still looking to refine and develop the site further and act on feedback provided by our customers through the info@ email address and helpline.

To view the new site please visit

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