Unique Fairtrade Step taken by UNIVEG

UNIVEG UK is pleased to announce the delivery of the first Fairtrade South African lychees into the Swiss COOP

Close cooperation between UNIVEG companies in the UK, South Africa and Germany have made this project possible, aided by utilisation of the company’s logistical and infrastructural networks.

The sales of fruit will help support the Workers Joint body group of Springfield Farm, Limpopo province RSA, to continue to develop their social improvement projects.

The farm, located near the Zimbabwean border has built a meeting room for the community, from which various community projects are conducted. One example; through the purchase of sewing machines, ladies of the community have started their own business, making and selling various items of clothing.

Looking to the future, UNIVEG aims to expand the sales of Fairtrade lychee from RSA and to include Fairtrade Madagascan lychees into the supply calendar. UNIVEG France is one of only two exporters approved by the Madagascan government to export Lychees to Europe.

Significant technical input from the company was required to achieve this position ensuring Madagascan Lychees comply with EU standards.

This achievement is a further step in UNIVEG’s work with Fairtrade products and growers. Mentioning steps, ‘Take a Step’ is the Fairtrade Foundation’s campaign slogan for their 2012 mission to bring a brighter future to farmers and workers in developing countries, please see www.fairtrade.org.uk for further information.

Source: Univeg UK

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