UNIVEG attend London Produce Show

UNIVEG UK attended the very first London Produce Show, which was held between 4th and 6th June 2014.

Organised by The Fresh Produce Consortium and Produce Business Magazine (PBM), the London Produce Show was held at the Grosvenor Hotel, central London. The show got underway on Wednesday evening with glittering cocktail party and buffet, with guests being entertained by a talented jazz band. The main exhibition, seminars and demonstrations were held on Thursday, with around 1000 visitors attending. The final day consisted of tours to retail, logistics and wholesale market sites in and around London. The exhibitors came from different sections of the Produce industry: retail, fruit service, wholesale, production and support services.

Visitors came from around the World including retailer presence from Russia and Scandinavia, a large Middle Eastern contingent, from Egypt, Dubai, Saudi Arabia and Qatar were also present. It was estimated that around 10% of the visitors came from North America.

Event organiser Jim Prevor said “we bring people together to look for new opportunities, and another part is learning to share intellectually; maybe they won’t do business together, but they will learn about innovations in packaging, desk practices or equipment, so there are many ways in which visitors can profit from an event like this; buying and selling produce is just one of them”

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