UNIVEG celebrates Fairtrade Anniversary

FT 10YrUNIVEG UK is proudly celebrating 10 years involvement with Fairtrade fruit growers around the world (fruit excluding bananas)

UNIVEG UK embraced the Fairtrade ethos early on, working with small producers from developing countries, helping them to sell their products in overseas markets, leading them to earn a better income. This in turn has enabled them to help develop their local communities through a wide variety of projects. Examples of these projects have included establishing schools, developing housing and securing clean water supplies.

UNIVEG’s pioneering development work started in 2003, leading to full UK Fairtrade accreditation in 2004. Continual focus and investment has led to the a variety of ‘World Firsts’ for the UK market – Fairtrade Chilean grapes in 2009, Fairtrade Brazilian melons in 2010, & Fairtrade Indian grapes in 2012. Through continental links with other UNIVEG sister companies UNIVEG UK assisted in the launch of Fairtrade Lychee into a Swiss retailer in January 2012.

Looking to the future, European accreditation as a FLO importer will be completed early in 2013, providing wider opportunities to supply Fairtrade products into the European market – facilitated through our sister operations.

In the UK, UNIVEG UK currently sources 15 Fairtrade products from 11 countries worldwide – from South Africa to Egypt, India to Peru, with future plans to expand this portfolio.

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