UNIVEG Conquers New Heights

three_peaks_01On June 7th 2014 an expedition team of hardy souls from UNIVEG UK left Lincolnshire to take on the Three Peaks Challenge. The renowned and extremely tough challenge involves ascending and descending the highest peaks in England, Scotland and Wales, and the travelling between them, all within a 24 hour time frame.

After a total of nearly 11 hours climbing, a further 13 hours driving, not to mention a grand total of one hours sleep, the weary and tired “athletes” were relieved and proud to announce that they had completed the challenge! The first finisher came in 30 minutes under the 24 hour mark.

The numbers:

Peak Distance Time Altitude
Ben Nevis 10.3 miles 4hr 23m 4362 ft.
Scafell Pike 6.0 miles 3hr 02m 2922 ft.
Snowdon 2.5 miles 2hr 53m 2501 ft.

A big well done goes to the UNIVEG UK Mountaineering team – “Turbo” Tim Brill, “Athletic” Alan Harris, “Determinator” David Maris, “No-stopping” Nick Wing, “Only-way-is-up” Oliver Gedney and “Mountaineering” Moe Dhanji.


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