Univeg Receives a Special Representative

Grower and importer Univeg Katopé UK were pleased to welcome a very special guest recently, the Ambassador of the Dominican Republic

Being the leading importer of Fairtrade fresh produce products in the UK, outside of bananas, it was a natural choice for the Ambassador, Dr Federico Alberto Cuello Camilo PhD to spend a highly productive day with the company. In learning about Univeg’s ongoing business in pioneering Fairtrade products and its commitments to commercial, ethical and social responsibilities, the Ambassador had a truly successful visit.

The Ambassador was impressed by the level of commitment made towards energy conservation within the operations channel. Equal admiration was placed on the focus attributed to sustainability carried out at the Spalding site.

The Dominican Republic is located at the outer reaches of the Eastern Caribbean. As well as being a luxury holiday destination, the DR is a country of contrasts. Despite enjoying a prolonged period of political stability and economic growth, typical developing country challenges go hand in hand with rapid growth in the DR. Many farmers and producers find it difficult to make a living. The country’s chief exports include sugar, coffee, and tobacco.

Source: Univeg UK

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