UNIVEG UK Supports National Initiative to assist the Unemployed

UNIVEG UK was proud to take part in IGD’s ‘Feeding Britain’s Future’ initiative held this September.

‘Feeding Britain’s Future’ brings together food and grocery companies across the UK to provide free employability workshops for young unemployed people. Across the UK companies have collectively offered over 15,000 training opportunities with around 2,300 workshops across 1,300 locations.

UNIVEG UK held two sessions at the Enterprise Way site with participants attending from the local job centre. Each session lasted for a couple of hours.

SAM_0836The first session was aimed at helping individuals learn and improve their CV and application form writing. Individuals were shown how to write a CV, what and what not to include, as well as practical hints and tips. The session also covered how to approach and negotiate online applications.

The second session was aimed at helping participants learn about interview skills, how to prepare before, during and after the interview. This included a presentation on what to wear, how to make a good impression, how to answer questions, and what questions to ask the interviewer. Other topics covered in the session included how to approach interviews over the phone and by Skype. The session was very interactive; two short videos detailing interview techniques were shown, with the participants being asked a few questions afterwards.

SAM_0828The UNIVEG UK HR department put in a great deal of effort into the initiative, which included the venue, the content, set-up and literature for the participants. This included a UNIVEG branded information pack containing a pen, USB drive, a list of current vacancies, application form, Top 10 CV tips, National Careers Service examples of CV’s and examples of interview questions. Attendees also received a bag of apples and pears to take home with them along with a certificate of attendance to show they had taken part in the ‘Feeding Britain’s Future’ initiative.


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