WellBeing Week

Greenyard Fresh UK Ltd and Greenyard Flowers UK Ltd participated in WellBeing Week which took place between the 27th February and 3rd March 2017.

Well Being 1

WellBeing week was a M&S initiative however the Greenyard UK HR & training team promoted and ran the event. The retailer provided a ‘toolkit’ of literature and other aids so that the company could meet a set standard required by the retailer. Prior to WellBeing Week, posters and email communications were sent out across the business to promote the event.

Well Being 2

All colleagues, both employed and agency could participate in all the activities, which took place across all the UK sites. Leaflets and other information about WellBeing Week were posted on noticeboards and displayed in site canteens. Two competitions were held, both took place at the Spalding and Cornwall sites:

  • Healthy Eating Quiz
  • Word Search

To encourage healthy eating and drinking three initiatives took place:

  • Bowls of mixed fruits were placed in departments across all sites, the fruit consisted of apples, pears, plums, nectarines, peaches and grapes
  • Water Challenge 1, whereby colleagues within each department were challenged to drink 5 glasses of water each working day of the week
  • Water Challenge 2, ‘A Refill for a friend Water challenge’. The colleague who provided the most refills during the week received a prize

The feedback regarding the event was very positive with some colleagues actively changing their eating habits to improve their wellbeing.  The most significant change is the increased awareness of colleagues to drink more water throughout the working day.

The lucky winners were as follows:

  • Healthy Eating Quiz (M&S Vouchers)
    Inga Mikolaitiene (QA Operative) Spalding
    Ashley Hipson, (Forklift Driver) Cornwall
  • Healthy Eating Word Search (M&S Vouchers)
    Kestutis Misevicius (Production Operative) Spalding
    Sue Kilford (Data Administrator & Cash Sales) Cornwall
  • Water Challenges 1 (Fruit Basket)
    Central Administration/Logistics Dept. Spalding
  • Water Challenge 2 (Pineapple & Pineapple Corer)
    Emma Fisher (Procurement Analyst & Administrator) Spalding

Well Being 3

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