Greenyard have our own top fruit farm located in the Rio Negro, a prime growing region in the heart of Argentina. Growing conditions here make for bountiful harvests of extremely crisp apples. In 2010 the farm produced 44,600 tons of apples including a significant contribution from the extensive organic orchards. Greenyard have further apple and pear production from our own farm in South Africa too. The orchards are mostly located in the Western Cape, a key growing region. The warm summers and frosty winters provide the ideal climate for producing high quality fruit.

As well as our own production we source apples from many countries throughout the year; the key countries being Argentina, France, Italy and Poland.

Traditional & Popular Apples:

braeburn Braeburn
This red striped apple with yellow/green background is very popular in the UK, it’s easy to grow and also handles well. Very crisp, sweet and juicy, with a slight tartness.
royal-gala Royal Gala
A widely grown red striped apple with pale green background. Known for its aromatic sweet taste, this is an easy eating apple.
pink-lady Pink Lady
The first apple to ever be trademarked, an extremely appealing bi-coloured apple with pink crisp thin skin. Has a sweet almost tart taste and is often described as having a fizz!
empire Empire
Distinctive deep red apple with light green background. It’s particularly popular with kids due to its “eat me” like appearance. It has a very sweet taste similar at times to pineapple.
cox Cox
This apple has possibly the best taste of any dessert apple, however it is notoriously difficult to grow and also has poor storage qualities. Its unique taste when caught at the right times has hints of pear, orange, melon – just an array of flavour.
golden-delicious Golden Delicious
An old classic but perhaps waning in poularity, but still a prominent apple in the UK due to its storing qualities. When caught at optimum times it has a refreshing, crisp almost caramel sweetness that’s hard to beat.
granny-smith Granny Smith
Perhaps Australia’s most famous export (even before Fosters) this apple has a very hardy, thick, crisp skin, with a mild tart taste and is excellent for cooking.
bramley Bramley
So easily recognisable due to its bold large, non-uniformed shape with a bright green appearance. The perfect cooking apple, which, when cooked, becomes light and fluffy. Is ideal for pies, tarts chutneys and many more uses.



tentation Tentation
This apple is a modern take on the Golden Delicious. It perhaps has the best chance to succeed in UK markets due to its golden/green background with amazing orange blush. A very refreshing fruit, it combines a thin, crisp bite with a delicate, sweet, almost syrup like taste.
evelina Evelina
A block red high coloured apple. As the colour suggests, the fruit has a “deep” flavour with a wonderful sweetness combined with a crisp, clean bite. Its striking colour should help with its quest for popularity in the UK apple market.
sonya Sonya
A distinctive heart shaped apple with a blush red foreground and a cream background. This apple already has a strong following in the UK but has a little way to go to become mainstream. Its characteristics include a great texture and an intense sweet flavour with no tartness or acidity.
opal Opal
Perhaps truly the new kid on the block, with very little tonnage available. There is a lot expected of this apple, with its yellow appearance and slight blush, combined with its firm texture and intense strawberry like sweetness, it’s a break from the more common bi-coloured varieties.


Did you Know?

In China apples represent peace & apple blossoms are a symbol of women’s beauty.


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