Apples & Pears


UNIVEG SourcingGreenyard have our own top fruit farm located in the Rio Negro, a prime growing region in the heart of Argentina. Growing conditions here make for bountiful harvests of extremely crisp apples. In 2010 the farm produced 44,600 tons of apples including a significant contribution from the extensive organic orchards. Greenyard have further apple and pear production from our own farm in South Africa too. The orchards are mostly located in the Western Cape, a key growing region. The warm summers and frosty winters provide the ideal climate for producing high quality fruit.

As well as our own production we source apples from many countries throughout the year; the key countries being Argentina, France, Italy and Poland.

Main Varieties:

  • Green: Granny Smith, Golden Delicious, Bramley
  • Red: Gala/Royal Gala, Braeburn, Pink Lady, Cox

Did you Know?

In China apples represent peace & apple blossoms are a symbol of women’s beauty.



Our UNIVEG farms in Argentina and South Africa also grow pears as well as apples. Pears from Argentina are especially renowned for their fantastic taste, while UNIVEG South Africa has a great reputation for producing high quality pears.

As with apples we source pears from many countries throughout the year. Conference pear, which is the dominant variety of the category, is chiefly sourced from Holland and Belgium. Other varieties of pears are available from Argentina, South Africa, France and Italy.

Main Varieties:

  • Conference
  • Rocha
  • Williams
  • Packhams

Did you Know?

Honey bees are regarded as the most efficient and most important pollinators of pear trees. This is despite the fact that pear flowers produce very little nectar, with bees primarily foraging on them for pollen.

Take a spectacular helicopter tour of our South African grower’s farm by visiting our video page.

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