UNIVEG SourcingBased in the Western Cape region, Greenyard owned Mouton Citrus grow exceptionally good quality fruit. In addition to their growing, Mouton are a centre for varietal progression with developmental orchards and nurseries. South Africa is renowned as one of the southern hemisphere’s best citrus growing areas due to an ideal climate which exists around the coastal regions of the country.

Greenyard has further own production capacity from South America. Our own farms and packhouses in Peru, Argentina and Uruguay make a significant contribution to the Greenyard citrus offer.

Having our own production and access to key sources around the world, places Greenyard in an ideal position to supply the best citrus fruit all year round. In Europe, Spain produces in the order of 50,000 tons of citrus fruits a year.

Did you know?

A relatively undiscovered citrus fruit, the Finger Lime or Citrus Caviar is poised to be the next inspiration for chefs and retailers, with a distinctive lemon & lime taste bursting from caviar style pearls.

Meet the American family of citrus growers and take a look round their Florida orchards.

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