Dried Fruit & Dates

UNIVEG SourcingThe supply of high quality Dried Fruit to the leading retailers in the U.K. has been a core part of our business for over ten years.

Following research into product engineering, merchandising, packaging and marketing, Greenyard Fresh UK have created a number of bespoke retailer products which deliver an individual mix and look to the offer and which, in turn, have helped fuel substantial growth within the market. Concepts such as alcohol-infused fruit and chocolate-covered fruit are currently being explored and, alongside our traditional dried fruit and super-soft luxury lines, are expected to add further value to the sector.

It is this ability to tailor specifically positioned proposals that sets Greenyard Fresh UK apart as a leading operator in the supply of dried fruit.


Dried Fruit & Nuts Oct 2013_thumbnailDid you Know?

Fresh dates contain natural sugars like fructose and dextrose, these instantly replenish the body’s energy levels after being eaten.

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