Exotic Vegetables

UNIVEG SourcingGreenyard has over 27,000 hectares of asparagus plantations in the central coastline region of Peru, processing more than 5,000 tons of green asparagus each year. The climate here provides excellent growing conditions, enabling the cultivation of asparagus all year round. Baby Corn similarly benefits from these conditions; grown in the valleys of the region it too is grown all year round. Between July and November Greenyard grows a variety of peas in the mineral rich fields of the coastal plain, producing on average 360 tons of sugarsnap peas alone in a season.

The expanses of North Carolina, Mississippi, and Louisiana in North America provide our main source of Sweet potatoes, an increasingly popular vegetable amongst UK shoppers.

Main Varieties:

  • Asparagus:Green, White
  • Peas: Sugarsnap, Snow
  • Sweet Potatoes: Covington, Beaugard

Did you Know?

Various tests have shown that Sweet Potatoes could soon be fuelling your car as it is has been shown to be a very good source for producing ethanol.

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