UNIVEG SourcingWith our own production in both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres, Greenyard has a good understanding of grapes. Our longlasting partnerships and continual co-operation with our growers enables us to source the best grapes at the right time of year.

Our Greenyard farm is sited in the São Francisco Valley, in North East Brazil, one of the best areas in the world for the production of grapes; plenty of sunshine and a dry climate produce grapes that are sweet and full of flavour.

The Greenyard facilities here are exceptional, for example, from cold storage through to packing; the site has the ability to process 10 tons of grapes per hour.

Main Varieties:

  • Green Seedless: Imperial, Sugraone, Superior Seedless™, Early Sweet™, Thompson
  • Red Seedless: Flame, Crimson, Ralli
  • Black Seedless: Midnight Beauty, Sable, Autumn Royal
  • Seeded: Itália, Red Globe, Alphonse Lavallee

Did you Know?

Approximately 70% of world grape production is used for wine, 25% as fresh fruit and 5% for dried fruit & the production of grape juice.

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