UNIVEG SourcingHaving over half the greenhouses in Europe means the Netherlands is a key source for salad lines; tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers being the main products from this category.

These perishable salad lines need to be stored quickly and efficiently. To do this Greenyard has a 35,000 m² fully temperature controlled facility, with a cold storage capacity of 6,000 pallets. The 98 loading docks provide excellent access to the company’s logistical and infrastructural networks, which run across Europe.

The Almeria and Murcia regions of Spain are also important areas in the sourcing of salad products. In 2010 Greenyard expertly handled, packed and marketed over 50,000 tons of salad products from these areas.

To complement these two sources we utilise our grower sources in France and Poland.

Did you know?

Tomatoes have some of the highest levels of Lycopene found in any fruit or vegetable and when cooked has proven to be an effective form of sun protection for your skin.

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