UNIVEG SourcingGreenyard Fresh UK grow our own succulent nectarines, plums and peaches at our farm in northern South Africa. Here in the UK we are also working to develop home grown stonefruit with our own concept orchards and nurseries. Complementing these credentials Greenyard Fresh UK works closely with the very best stonefruit growers and breeders worldwide.

Consistently being at the forefront of innovation in the category, Greenyard Fresh UK have introduced a number of exciting new products to the UK marketplace; products such as red nectarines, black apricots, nectacots and fresh prunes.

We constantly monitor varietal performance from the field to our customer’s shelves; this enables us to adapt and modify our product offer based around the demands of the market and the needs of our growers.

Sourcing our summer stonefruit begins with Egyptian and Moroccan fruit; the main production comes later from Spain, Italy, France, Israel & USA. During the winter months stonefruit is available from the Southern Hemisphere, and our sources in South Africa, Chile, and Argentina.

Did You Know?

In the course of the summer UK supermarkets will sell in the region of 90 different varieties of nectarines alone.

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