UNIVEG Apple & Pears arrive in the UK

UNIVEG UK are excited to announce the first arrivals of apples and pears from our farms in Argentina and South Africa, as the Southern Hemisphere season gets underway.

UNIVEG’s farm ‘El Curundu’ covers 2500 hectares of the Rio Negro province of central Argentina; the upper valley of the Río Negro River where the farm is located is one of the best areas in the world to grow deciduous fruits like apples and pears. The climatic conditions of the area are ideally suited to producing crisp and colourful fruit.

El Curundu is the largest exporter of apples and pears in Argentina and also the largest producer. The farm produces between 800 & 950 tons of apples and pears a day during the season, with fruit being shipped to the UK between March and August.

UNIVEG’s farm in South Africa is called ‘Verlorenvlei’ and is situated in the Western Cape of the country, again the local climatic conditions here make for ideal growing conditions, resulting in superb quality fruit. To find out more about the Verlorenvlei farm and its development, and to take a spectacular helicopter tour, visit our video page under ‘About Us’ at www.univeguk.co.uk

New Arrivals – Clean, bright Green & Red Williams Pears from Argentina

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