Bramley Apple Week at UNIVEG UK

As part of the UNIVEG UK commitment to sustainability, several themed days and promotions have been identified to run across all the Spalding sites in 2016.

The national ‘Bramley Apple Week’ was started back in 1989 by Bramley growers with the aim of maximising market opportunities and promoting sales. This year it ran between the 8th and 14th February 2016.


As part of ‘Bramley Apple Week’ UNIVEG UK held a competition for the best homemade dessert made from Bramley apples that otherwise would have been wasted. Prizes were awarded to the top three desserts from across all three UNIVEG sites. Entries were merited on creativity, design, taste and presentation by a panel of judges.

The quality of entries from all of the 20 contestants was extremely high, but after much discussion the winner was declared – Ady Roberts took 1st Prize, Mark Askew was 2nd and Sue Neale 3rd. After the judging was made the remaining desserts were sold to raise money for the Colleague Forums chosen charity.


As well as highlighting sustainability the competition promoted awareness of the apple variety to colleagues who were possibly unaware that we supplied this apple.

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