UNIVEG Katopé UK embraces Environmentally Friendly Packaging and Supply Chain Solutions

As part of UNIVEG UKs commitment to environmental sustainability we are delighted to report making significant savings after a conscious decision was made to form a partnership with Evesham Specialist Packaging (E.S.P) & Moulded Fibre Products Ltd (MFP), a local business based in North Lincolnshire. UNIVEG’s Head of operations Mark Arnold has previously had positive experience working with senior management at ESP; the current partnership continues to work well, meeting the increasing requirements made by our customers for environmentally friendly packaging. MFP produces moulded fibre/pulp trays, a product UNIVEG UK uses across our customer base for packing selected stonefruit and tropical fruits.

The joint partnership with E.S.P & MFP has seen many benefits for UNIVEG UK. Previous supply of these products came from Scotland, sourcing locally has dramatically reduced the number of road miles, and in turn has cut transport costs, lead times and our carbon footprint. On site design and tooling manufacturing capabilities at MFP are an asset in being able to further reduce lead times. The raw materials used in the production of the trays are also locally sourced from companies within the county; therefore unlike some rival companies no imports are required.

MFP are specialists in producing moulded inserts for all sorts of industries from electrical to food, they are also part of a global group with production sites in Canada, South Africa and Malaysia. The MFP facility is BRC ‘A’ & ISO9001 accredited, and located in an area historically having high unemployment rates. Their operation has created local jobs, with future plans for possible expansion and job creation.

Looking into the product ~ what are these trays made of? The trays are made up from a paper/board pulp, a highly effective material which is made from renewable resources, thus environmentally friendly. Once used these trays can be composted or recycled with no adverse impact on the environment.

How are they made? MFP use a process which chiefly involves paper and water; moulding paper/card pulp to the desired design and then drying it. Essentially it is a clean technology, through refined production processes the method has become water and energy efficient.

UNIVEG UK using in excess of 10m of these trays a year! A further eight new tray lines have been added to the portfolio in the last 6 months.

UNIVEG UK is committed to sustainability throughout the supply chain. We continually aim to reduce the impact of our business on the environment. UNIVEG is proud to support our customers in working towards their goals of reducing packaging and food waste.

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