UNIVEG Katopé UK Outlines Green Credentials

Here at UNIVEG UK we are committed to developing our involvement in sustainable projects. Following the launch of the UNIVEG Group’s commitment to sustainability in Berlin this year, the bar has been raised even further. Part of our strategic plan is to reduce the impact of waste on the environment and the amount of waste going to landfill. To this end we are proud to announce that in 2012 the UNIVEG site in Spalding recycled the following:

  • 900 Tonnes Of Cardboard Waste
  • 550 Tonnes Of Produce Waste
  • 243 Tonnes Of Other Waste

The amount of waste recycled is equivalent to 85 full lorry loads, with no waste going to landfill!

Here at UNIVEG UK we have always considered the effects of our activities on the environment. In May 2008 we completed a new 2500m² extension of the production facilities.  This new development incorporated a number of sustainable ‘systems’ including Rain Water harvesting, Heat Reclamation and Intelligent Lighting. The innovation in design earned UNIVEG UK a sustainability award from the Local Authority.

Throughout 2013 and beyond UNIVEG UK have a range of initiatives and projects in place designed to improve the efficiency of the business, reduce energy use and waste, whilst embracing our local community and caring for the environment.

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