UNIVEG Katopé UK receive first Fairtrade Citrus from Egyptian Small Producers

UNIVEG UK is pleased to announce the first arrival of Fairtrade Egyptian Oranges grown by the small producers cooperative – Soliman Agriculture. This success story originated in the wake of the ‘Arab Uprising’ in the Middle East.

UNIVEG UK has been working with Blue Moon – A consultancy based in Egypt, who with the support of USAID is working with five cooperative groups in Egypt to achieve GLOBALG.A.P and Fairtrade certification.

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Manal Saleh of consultancy agency Blue Moon said “Without all of you at UNIVEG UK this would have never happened, you have been very supportive” she went on to say “most importantly UNIVEG have met their pledges to social responsibility”.

David Maris, Technical Manager for UNIVEG UK Ltd said:

“Despite the current economic downturn, consumer support for Fairtrade is still strong. Total UK Fairtrade sales broke the £1B mark in 2010 and growth continues to be strong since then. This project is one of a range that UNIVEG is progressing, working specifically with small producer groups to bring new FT products to market, both in the UK and Europe. We have been pleased to be involved in this project and provide a route to market for the growers”

The oranges are grown on the western edge of the Nile delta, south of Alexandria, in a season which will run through May into late June.


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